Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anything To Get Them To Eat Their Greens

My oldest does a good job of eating a vast variety of veggies. C's a bit pickier. So I try to be creative in presentation and sometimes it actually works.

Yesterday, I made a "green" smoothie* and accidentally dropped some ingredients on the floor. I started cleaning up but got sidetracked by a kid who needed help in the bathroom "RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW!" and a baby who wanted DOWN from the high chair.

I put C on the floor, picked up my smoothie and sat down for a minute. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed C making a beeline to the corner of the kitchen but didn't think anything of it until I saw her pick something up and cram it into her mouth.

"C!" She looked at me, grinned and picked another thing up off the floor and ate it.

As I got closer to stop her, I noticed that she was picking up pieces of frozen spinach.

And yes, when I saw that? I admit. I hesitated on stopping her. Because really, GREEN FOOD! And wasn't this just a unique presentation? Hehe.

**(A green smoothie is a fruit smoothie with a few handfuls of spinach thrown in. You can get a considerable amount of spinach into the smoothie with absolutely no taste change whatsoever. Seriously! Give it a go if you need to get some greens in your kiddos. Or if you want to add a little healthiness to your own day).


  1. I never stop my kids from eating veggies off the floor. In fact, I've been known to leave some peas and broccoli under the table just in case.

  2. QWe told my boys that they needed to eat there greens to become big and strong like super heros and it worked like a charm but who knows how long it will work lol. Those smoothies sound yummy ill have to try it!


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