Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Great Uses for a Ziploc Freezer Bag

There are some everyday items that are like transformers:  More than meets the eye!  (Ok, all your 80s kids, try getting that theme song out of your head).  My latest love fest is with the freezer bag.  Here's my top 5 uses for a freezer bag while you're on the go.

1.  An Instant Wet Bag - Everyone's kid has had an accident somewhere at some point.  Whether they miss the bathroom or get sick or even spill their drink, it's supremely nice to have a place to put the wet clothes so they don't stink/gum/dirty everything else up.  (Bonus:  Store a kid's outfit you won't miss much in a ziplock in the car and you'll have a change of clothes AND a wet bag).

2.  Emergency Potty - Sometimes kids have to go.  And go RIGHT NOW.  And sometimes, the nearest bathroom is miles away.  You can either hop out of the car on the side of the road and take your chances with splattering clothes, or you can help out by using this as mini-potty.  Sounds gross, but you can't always get out of the car, so this allows you to let your kiddo go in the car if need be.  Besides, using the bag for this is better than needing the bag for a wet pair of clothes.

3.  Morning Sickness Bag - We all know morning sickness doesn't know when morning is and can strike at any time.  Outside works the best, but some people don't take too kindly to your ralphing on their lawn.  Here's a good second option.  Also works well for kids in car seats if you can't get to the side of the road fast enough.

4.  Waterproof Trash Bag - Empty drink containers are never really empty.  To prevent unwanted leaks all over your car, this is a nice option.  Specifically when you have something that's going to smell later, like milk. 

5.  Stink Container - Most people have had to change their baby in the car.  Sometimes you need a place to contain the stench of a poopy diaper until you've reached a place to throw it away properly.  These do as good a job as anything I've tried.

Any suggestions you've tried?

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  1. These are great. I've use a few a time or two. I use ziplock baggies for tons of stuff, toy storage, craft stuff, you name it! I heart zip-lock!

  2. I'm a baggie fan. I know, it's not very green of me but seriously, those things are amazing.

    My favorite? Every single dirty diaper now goes in a zip-lock before going into the trash. If I'd known about the amazing odor sealing power of the zip-lock four years ago I never would have purchased diaper pails. AMAZING!

  3. I'm laughing because I puked in the front yard today! Only funny because you mentioned it :)

    We use freezer bags, with all the air sucked out, to compress clothes when we're packing light. It's the only way I got two weeks worth of clothes in a backpack for Italy!

  4. I am all about keeping the stinky diapers less stinky, but you can contain a lot of it with already used bags: grocery bags, produce bags, bread bags, newspaper bags...the list goes on. I've been trying to use EVERY bag I get for another purpose before I throw it away lately, and it's amazing how far they go. I wouldn't trust these choices for morning sickness or potty breaks...ew...but for wet clothes and dirty diapers, save a little $green$ and a little green (earth) and reuse! My website seeks to balance those greens plus time and

  5. I use those bigger bags for my shampoo & other hair stuff when I go on a trip. I don't have a travel bag, but find that the freezer bags (or just larger sized ziplocs) work just as well, if not better. Plus this way, you can be assured that your shampoo isn't going to ooze out all over your clothes, since it is securely sealed in the bag :)

  6. I use them for packing, too. I group toiletries in the quart size bags so it's easy to grab what I need for a shower, etc. without having to find all the different bottles.

    I also use them to pack my son's clothes for a trip. One day's outfit goes into a gallon-size ziploc, socks and all. That way there's no digging around to find each item and it's easier for others to help get him dressed.


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