Monday, March 30, 2009


Bean went to Target the other day with Shaun and they picked up a bright pink whisk from the dollar bin for her play kitchen.  She's been carrying it around saying, "This is my whisker!  I have another whisker that's small, but this is my BIG whisker!" 

May she always have kitchen whiskers and keep those that grow on the face far, far away.

I was lecturing the girls on why we don't play with outlets or plugs and mentioned that it would hurt VERY much to touch it.  And you might have to go to the hospital.  Etc., etc. 

Bean considered that for a minute, looked up, and then said, "Mama?  If C has to go to the hospital?  She would be very lonely.  And we would be sad."

A brief pause before she continued,

"But baby brother would be very glad that C wouldn't be here to poke him all the time."

Apparently, the things I say stick...  but come up in the wierdest ways.


  1. Too Cute! I love Beanisms.

    Does she realize that C feels the same way about her, by the way? :o)

  2. Thanks for the smiles this morning! Oh how I love those girls of yours :)

  3. LOL thta is too funny about her baby brother being poked! She is such a comedian. I wonder where she ever gets that from!


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