Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unexpected spring days provide enough of a lift to get me through those days where things don't go exactly right. 

And this face?  This face gets me through everything else. 

She loves being outside as much as we do.  The four of us climbed all over the jungle gym in our local park.

We watched both girls explore and discover and wondered at the absolute change in both of them from nearly a year ago.

Slides and stairs that Bean wouldn't touch as a kid a year ago presented no problem this time around.  C was a cute little lump in a stroller 10 months ago.  Now she's climbing all over everything.

No matter how many kids I have, I'll never get tired of watching them grow from wee little babies into sweet little kids. 

With a remarkable ability to wrap themselves tighter around my heart with one facial expression.


  1. How flippin cute is she!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah she is TOTALLY related to the face making bean!! Wow what a cutie. I can't believe that the last time I saw her she was only about 3 months old!!! We have to get the kids together (please).


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