Thursday, March 19, 2009

Food For Thought

C is quite the little spunky spitfire.  Well, actually, she's pretty mellow.  It's only when it involves food or drink that she showcases her independence.  At four months, she decided that she would nurse, but on her terms.  And not enough to do much good for her growth.

That stressed me out.

Then, she decided she'd take a bottle!  And took it well! 

And then.  Then she decided she wouldn't.  Or she'd take an ounce and then violently shove it away and thrash when you tried to give it to her again. 

It stresses me out.

We're working on a sippy cup.  And that's actually going fairly well.  But I'm not holding my breath.  She tends to like to smile at it or hold it suspended over the edge of her high chair before letting it fall to the floor.  So she likes it... but she's not drinking much out of it. 

And as a result of her not drinking, she um...  has some bathroom difficulties.  To put it delicately.

So I've been trying to feed her prunes to er... move things along. 

Except she's adamantly opposed to being fed with a spoon.  My walls near her high chair are starting to show signs of wear from perpetual wipe downs.  You approach the kid with a spoon full of food and she lulls you into a false sense of security with one or two easily received bits.  But then, out of nowhere, stealth ninja C appears.  You nonchalantly approach with the spoon and BAM!  Out flies her fist and the spoon hurtles through the air. 

The girl is a true Miss Independent. 

And one day, she better put it to good use so she can fund my posh retirement facility. 

Because boy, I'll have earned it. 


  1. oooo can I live at the posh retirement home too? Maybe she'll be spunky enough to support us both ;-)

  2. I'm sorry, is it wrong for me to laugh as I picture your sweet girl flinging her spoons all over the kitchen? I see the frustration, but can it be humorous too?

    Sorry she's giving you grief at such a young age, though.

    I would love a posh retirement home, thought it might be more fun to just live in the house with my kids and their kids. I can teach my grandkids a thing or two, I'm sure! ;)

  3. It might be wrong to laugh but I'm doin' it! She's great!

    As for the posh retirement home, I'm so there. Next week anyone?

  4. I completely understand and appreciate your description of how they trick us into trusting them, sure bring the spoon over, a little closer...

    I've experienced that and can't help but laugh.

  5. Eventually I'm sure C will love her food and talk to it just like her mom!!

    Umm...make room for 1 more in that posh retirement home!

  6. two words:


    Easy to eat with fingers, fibrous, juicy and sweet. Those have always worked for us.

    (And if you freeze the blueberries they also act as great teething soothing tools!)


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