Monday, March 9, 2009

Fuzz Factor

Bean is fascinated with two things lately.  Her daddy's freshly buzzed head and freckles.  She likes to sit on Shaun's lap and rub his head after he gets a haircut.  And she likes to see people's freckles. 

A certain person, who shall hereby be called Wobin, was hanging out with Bean one night and Bean asked if Wobin had freckles.  Wobin showed her the ones on her arms and on her face.  Bean asked if Wobin had freckles on her legs.  So Wobin pulled the cuff of her pant leg up and said, "Yup, right here". 

Bean reached out her hand to touch the freckles and pulled back suddenly and said, "Woah, Wobin, your legs feel like Daddy's head!" 


  1. ha ha! she calls 'em like she sees (feels) 'em!

  2. My son tells me all the time i have grass on my legs...maybe i should take the hint and shave while i can before my belly gets too big to see my legs any more lol

  3. That's a memory for me too. I'll never forget the day my kid bumped my leg and said, "Do you have a beard?"

  4. HAHAHAHA!! Im goin to make fun of her for that.... Way to go Bean.


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