Thursday, March 5, 2009

C Update - 10 Months

Dear C,

Hey big ole 10 month old!  This past month I think you've changed more than any of the other months combined.  You're getting all sorts of rolls again, which absolutely delights me.

(It also provides you a few extra places to hide your cheerios).

You're starting to talk a lot more, which is pretty awesome.  So far we have "Mama," "dog," "uh-oh" (particularly when she drops something completely on purpose.  It's a good thing she's cute), "el-o!" (Often said holding something to her ear like a phone, "hello!"), and "bye!"  I love watching you discover how to make sounds and delight in how those sounds make words.

You're pulling up on everything and cruising all over the place.  On several occasions, you've used my legs to stand up and stayed up on your own for a few seconds before plopping down again.


You're consistently sleeping through the night (FINALLY!) with only one waking and that's recently been because you're sick.   I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this makes me feel.  Except for the first few days, my body didn't know what to do with itself and I totally felt worse than when I wasn't getting sleep.  Weird, eh?
You put EVERYTHING in your mouth.  Every-Thing.  Lately, if I catch you about to put something in your mouth that shouldn't be there,  I can call your name and you usually hand it to me instead.  Small blessings, considering some of the things you get your hands on.  Why do I need a vacuum, I have you!


You still prefer me to anyone, though your Daddy is a very, very close second.  I love that you'll snuggle up to him just as easily as to me, most times.  I can't say he complains about it either :)
(I promise she's FINE in this pic.  Shaun was taking some pics of our slings and wraps for a future post and caught me mid-placement (mid-wrong-placement, actually, but that's neither here nor there).

I still can't believe you're so close to being one.  And walking.  And getting into things.  Eek!

Stay silly, Second Born.  Love you always,



  1. Adorable pictures a wonderful updates!

    Glad you clarified the last picture - that's a little worrisome!

  2. GREAT pics! I especially like the two B&W.


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