Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Bean's been on a kick BEGGING me to tell her scary stories.  She usually requests a monster or a "bad man."  She seems to get totally excited about being able to be scared to bits and I like that I can gauge when she's had enough and take the story in a more pleasant direction.

Well, apparently, due to a lovely combination of not wanting to go to sleep at night and an overactive imagination fueled by yours truly, she's come up with some ridiculous excuses for not wanting to go to sleep.

1.  "Mom!  I need something!" 
"OK, like what, kiddo?"
"Like another stuffed animal friend!"
(Because the 47 animals in her bed are not enough)

2.  "MOM!  I see a scary hand!  It's here!"
"Here!  Come in here!"
"Oh, it went home."

and my personal favorite:

3.  "Mommy?  My basket said something weird."
"Erm, what um, did your basket say?"

"Hummenah Hummenah!"

Alrighty then.

(For that last one, I told her to tell the basket to hush because she was trying to sleep.  She did, but asked me to relocate it to the hallway.  Done.  Then?  She went right to sleep).


  1. Kids are always hilarious when they are trying to stall the inevitable bedtime! She's so funny! :)

  2. Hope is a new bedtime staller. Last night she was begging for "mo Daddy kisses, please!" What Daddy could resist that?!


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