Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Claw

This morning, I was driving to school with Bean in the back and one of my fantastic former students in the front.  Bean was doing what toddlers do and clamoring to have something that was well out of my reach. Thankfully, Marilyn was able to reach back there and hand her what she needed.

She offhandedly remarked that I needed one of those long sticks with the pincher claws on the end.

Hold on a second there Marilyn, I think you're onto something.

Take a look at this thing:
Currently, these  mainly marketed to those who are either disabled, elderly, or vertically challenged, (like yours truly). 

But think of the possibilities for the parent set! 

Need to reach something in the back of your car to give to the cranky kid?  Fear not!  The Clawminator will solve your reach issues!  Simply cast a glance to the back seat or floor for your precious one's coveted item and let the Clawminator do the reaching.  No more swerving off the road as you attempt to make your arm grow an extra inch!  

Bonus idea!  The Clawminator is a great way to get those toxic diapers in the trash when touching it with your hands just won't do!  The extended distance will keep the offensive odors away from your nose and allow you to throw the diaper away with minimal gagging.  Great for first trimester moms or those with a quick gag reflex!

That doesn't convince you?  Use The Clawminator as an effective behavior modifier!  When your kids are arguing in the back seat, don't threaten to turn the car around!  Simply use The Clawminator to administer that "I MEAN IT" squeeze to your munchkin's leg!  They'll get the idea right quick!

All this can be yours for the low, low price of $19.99!  Call today!

These people have no idea.  They're sitting on a gold mine in untapped target markets. 

Sheesh, they should totally pay me for this.

*Before anyone gets all up in arms about pinching kids or turning around while driving, please note that this entry is firmly in jest.*


  1. I think it's a GREAT idea! Way better than a spanking stick.

  2. my grandmother actually has one of these things - she got it after her hip surgery & actually finds it very useful - it's cute :)

  3. Wow, now I can die happy. I've inspired a blog entry.
    Purpose in life? Accomplished.



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