Wednesday, April 1, 2009

C - Eleven Month Update

Dear Mini-Shaun,

As you get older, you look more and more like your Daddy.  He's cute, so this isn't bad at all.  Funnier still is watching your personality change to be more like his too.  Mainly in how you two always manage to find mischief.  Your sister isn't exactly keen on this new development as mischief with you usually means tormenting her.  But she's adjusting.

You are absolutely in love with music.  I don't have a remote idea where you get your dancing skills since I'm most certainly rhythmically challenged and your Daddy isn't much better.  (He'd argue that... but really, we're not much on the dance floor).  I'll put on music and you'll immediately drop what you're doing, crawl to the radio and start dancing.  First, you wave your arms in a sort of "raise-the-roof" motion.  Then your head starts bopping.  And if they song is upbeat enough for you, you stand up, hold on, and go crazy. 

You're sleeping MUCH better lately.  Most nights you wake up once, and lately, it's been all the way around 5:30 or 6am.  That's a full night's sleep, kid.  That?  That's a nice little gift to give to your mother, even if it is a little late. 

You've started standing on your own for a few seconds at a time, which delights us and freaks you the heck out.  You definitely need to feel like you know what you're doing before you actually take a chance and do it.  That should make for some interesting years to come.

You're stubborn beyond belief sometimes, and you definitely know what you want.  Lately, you've been squawking your frustrations when your sister gets something for lunch that you think you didn't get on your tray.  I'm working on a solutions to lessen the crazy that happens at meals and so far, it's going alright.

You're finally getting the hang of the sippy cup, but you don't drink much.  I'm trying not to let that drive me crazy.

Bean is your best friend.  You love me more than life, but when it comes to playmates, Bean's your buddy.  Bean's starting to warm up to the idea of playing WITH you instead of trying to protect her playthings FROM you.  I love when she goes out of her way to make you laugh and even more, I love hearing your laughter bubble up and out of you and hear her laugh along.  One of my greatest hopes is that you both will realize how much of a gift you have in each other. 

We're going to toss a brother into the mix soon, and in so many ways, I can't imagine a better situation.  You'll always have your big sister for your girl bonding and now?  A little brother so close in age that you guys will feel like twins one day.  Just make sure he grows up knowing how to treat a lady, ok?  You and Bean make sure of that. 

I can't get over the whole reality that you're going to be one next month.  You're still such a peanut of a kid.  But you're fast entering the splendid world of toddlerhood and knowing you?  You'll continue full steam ahead and never look back.

Love always,



  1. Holy CRAP! How the heck is she eleven months old?!

  2. I hope you print this out and put it in the baby book! I can just imagine the little baby laugh. So precious!


  3. They grow way too fast! She is beautiful!


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