Sunday, April 26, 2009

And Nobody Cried!

Taking portraits is an interesting little thing.  It's one thing to take pictures of your friends or kids or family when they're in the midst of doing something they find interesting.  Generally, that's fairly easy.  Then you get into trying to put 2 or more people in a picture together... and somewhat have to pose them.  Then it starts to get harder.

Imagine trying to get 15 people ranging from 10 months to well, older, looking at the camera, looking happy, or at least not screaming. 

Mmmm hmmm. 

That's why I swore I'd never do it for my own bunch again, (barring possible sessions when everyone would be older than 10). 

But we found some people crazy brave enough to take us on and attempt to get some good shots. 

And good shots they got. We were tickled. 

Check out some highlights from our awesome photography session with Andrea Jae Photography.  And check out this hilarious pic of Miss Beanie

Drea and Renata are awesome!  We knew them before they got started in this whole photography gig and when they delved in, we had to take part.  If you have any needs for a photo session, check them out.  They won't disappoint. 

Here's my favorites from some of the sessions they've done:

An awesome engagement shoot.  (Check out the shot from the metro!  Amazing!)

And one of my favorite weddings that they've shot and shared.  They capture the fun of the moments.  I LOVE that.  :)

Thanks Drea and Renata!  We're already scanning for a re-book for after the little man arrives.  You guys are GREAT!


  1. Jen- you guys got some AMAZING pictures! I absolutely love the individual one of Bean (with the flower... although the silly pic was cute too :-)) Also, the colors of clothes you guys picked out were really cute! ~DAna

  2. AMAZING! Seriously, what a great shoot.

  3. HOLY CRAP! Those are AMAZING. I totally want to hire these people. Wow. WOW!

  4. Those are amazing! We found a good photographer out in Rehoboth, DE, the summer that Abby was born to shoot the family - all 16 of us. Patience is the key for everyone involved when the group is larger than.... one? :o)

    I love the pictures of just you two, too. So sweet.

  5. Fabulous!! And the girls are too adorable. Can't wait to see the little guy!

  6. great photos! love those ones of bean & c-rex especially. what cuties!

  7. Thanks for the love! We had a BLAST with your family :)

  8. You look beautiful! You clean up nice...LOL. All the photos are great. It will be hard to choose a few. What a fun day it looked like you all had....Jan


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