Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sick kids will break your heart.  (They will also break your back after hauling them around for hours).  We've been in survival mode lately because Miss Bean has been quite sick with her usual lower respiratory infection. 

In tandem with being sick, (and perhaps because of, mostly), Bean's been a bit of an emotional mess.  I feel a little sorry for Shaun.  He's dealing with a cranky, moody, teething baby...  a sick, cranky, frustrated toddler... and a thoroughly insane, tired, hormonal and pregnant wife. 

He should FEAR the coming of puberty in this household.  At least he'll have Baby Boy to chill with. 

Anyway, Bean came out about 15 minutes after she had initially gone to bed.  She apparently got a paper cut on her finger and needed a band aid.  (Because band aids cure everything, as every mother of a toddler knows). 

When she came over to get it from me, she looked up and suddenly started crying.  A confused expression came over her face and she looked at me for a second before saying, "Mommy!  I didn't know I was going to cry!"

She got a big hug to go with that band aid.  

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  1. awww....poor Bean!!! Germies need to go away from your house!!


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