Friday, April 10, 2009

Accent on the Crazy

I married a Texan.  A Texan with a cute accent.  And though that accent is fading the longer he lives in Maryland, there are some things he says that will forever be odd. 

For instance, there's this weird homonym-esque pronounciation of certain words that perpetually confuses me.

"Hey Jen!  Can you go get me a pen?"  (Pen pronounced "Pee-in")

"A Pin?"

"No, a PEN!" (pee-in) "Not a PEN!" (pee-in)

And on and on it goes until one of us starts describing the function of said requested item.

"Do you need something to WRITE with or something to poke someone with?!"

"Nevermind!  I'll get the pen myself!"

So when we decided to settle in Maryland and raise our kids here, I silently thanked God that I would never have to deal with the weird homonym mix-ups that make my dear Texan husband and I want to throw things. 

(Granted, I know that we'll have our own struggles with the kids saying things like, "Aw, we're goin' down ta Bawlmore, hon!"  You Baltimoreans know exactly the accent I'm talking about).

Imagine my shock yesterday to hear this from my oldest,

"Mom!  That's grass!  A big old "hee-ool" of grass!"  

Contextually, I knew exactly what she meant.  But the pronounciation of "hill" was scarily the same as "heel".  It won't be long before I'm asking whether Bean wants to make a DEAL or put some DILL on something.  (They're both "Dee-ool").  Because I'm already at a complete loss.

Apparently Texan roots are stronger than I thought.  


  1. . As the mother of 2 texans..I will send them to your house to learn texaneese!!!Yesterday in her pink cowboy hat Caroline ran through the house yelling hee haaa- gotta love it. Caroline has a 3 foot green Texan star over her bed to remind her of her roots.
    She proudly tells everyone that she was born in Texas..I miss you- Jan

  2. OMG- I say pin for pen. Tim made fun of me and now I TRY to say it his way. But I will always say sangwhich.

  3. My mom tells this hilarious story about someone needing a pin and some rotten pepper, so they can rot a letter.

    I'm trying to incorporate the word "dill" into my vocabulary the way Michelle uses it. "Give me a dill of those chips."

  4. Y'all are just jealous of the Texan accent. I would love to hear Bean with a mix of both! ~julie

  5. I loved at lunch today when Bean said that Deal and Hill rhymed!! hahaha!!!

  6. I'm from KY- my brother thought all the waitresses were hitting on him in Baltimore because they kept calling him "Hon". Too bad someone told us they do that to everyone...

  7. Dude, you should hear my Texan say the words oil, roots, and thumb. It's too weird!

  8. Mat's from upstate NY but they talk like southern, VA. Everything gets an S added on the end i.e. Walmarts. I should write the cute things he says b/c I know someday I'll hear the kids saying them back to me.

  9. I use to love the Texas accents till i discovered southern accents and love them more lol!


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