Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts (and GIVEAWAY!)

When was your last physical?  This year?  Two years ago?  Five years ago?  So many years ago that you need your fingers and your toes to calculate?

When you had that physical, did they check your cholesterol?  Most people know that high cholesterol is a bad thing, but most people don't pay enough attention to their numbers until it becomes an obvious problem, often requiring medicine or stronger interventions. 

With heart disease being the number one cause of death for women today, it would benefit all of us if we paid attention to that little number more closely than perhaps we have in the past. 

Sadly, there are many without the means to provide themselves with adequate health care, and thus, necessary tests pass by the wayside and the opportunity for early prevention is lost, particularly in the area of cholesterol screenings.

Cheerios has stepped up to the plate to raise awareness for heart disease prevention and to provide free cholesterol screenings for women in need.  For every code from a specially marked Cheerio box entered at http://www.cheerioshelpinghearts.com/, Cheerios will donate a dollar to these causes, through their partnership with WomenHeart. 

What can you do?  Encourage women (and men!) you know to get regular screenings.  Eat a healthy diet.  Look for specially marked boxes of Cheerios and enter your code at the website!  What costs but a minute or two of time for you could potentially save someone else's life. 

Also, you can enter to win a beautiful freshwater pearl bracelet from Charity Charms.  Each bracelet has a pretty little silver heart charm near the clasp.  Wear yours to spread the word of heart health awareness! 

Comment on this post and if you wish, tell me what you do to take care of your ticker!  I will randomly choose THREE winners from the comments and send a bracelet to each of them!

(These things are SUPER cute and definitely high quality... I wear mine all the time and get tons of comments on it)

Giveaway closes next Tuesday at midnight.  One entry per person UNLESS you post about the giveaway on your own blog.  In that case, comment again with a link to your post and you'll be entered again.

Good luck and happy heart health!


  1. I love Cherrios. They taste good. My favorite are the Honey Nut Cheerios, but the regular ones are alright too. As for my heart, I've had my cholestorol checked and its nice and low... good thing though, I am too young to die!

    Jessica Wilson

    (poke my sister for me)

  2. I go the gym to keep my heart healthy!

  3. Wow, fun giveaway!! I don't have high cholesterol, thank goodness, but others in my household do. So, we have replaced most dairy with soy products (yes, soy cheese, soy butter, soy milk) (no we're not crazy) and cut out red meat (still not crazy. ok not too crazy)

  4. Oh! Oh! I posted the link in gadget form in the right panel. Thanks for the extra chance to WIN!!


  5. Lots of laughter and love to and from my family keeps my heart happy and plain ol' exercising and eating right keeps my heart healthy!

  6. What do I do to keep my heart healthy? Well, I'm not so good at that. I do know that my cholesterol number is great and my blood pressure is low normal. How's that???

  7. Last year? Nothing. This year? I've been working out, eating well and losing weight... and my heart loves me for all of it!

  8. I can't remember the last time I had a physical. But I eat Cheerios everyday and I am pretty physically active to keep my ticker healthy..

  9. Hi Jen This is Theresa (Marilyn's mom)

    I keep my heart healthy with exercise and lots of salad! I also ask God to check my heart daily to make sure that it is right with Him.
    Thank you,
    Theresa Little

  10. I exercise a lot, eat healthy, and try to not eat a lot of stuff that is very fattining. (I found your page through Marilyn's blog, I'm her cousin)
    thanks, Michelle

    MY EMAIL IS mtolson97@yahoo.com
    in case I win

  11. Um...I get regular checkups? Is that enough? Oh, I suppose some exercise would help too! Darnnit! :)

  12. Cheerios for breakfast are my fav. I just bought a box of thier new banana nut and they are yummy. I also take a baby aspirin every morning w/ my vitamins.

  13. I have mitral-valve prolapse, so I have to get heart check-ups regularly, like it or not. *sigh* So far, so good.


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