Thursday, April 16, 2009


The last few days have been kind of all over the place.  I was sick, felt better, felt worse... now I feel better.  Shaun got sick and is still fighting it off. 

It rained. And rained. And rained.

C has been acting VERY strange.  I know she's getting two more top teeth and they're almost out, (you can practically see the edges about to poke through).  She's been ridiculously cranky and irritable while awake, not eating well and taking really long naps.  And get this:

She's sleeping 12+ hours straight at night.  I have to wake her in the morning.

No fever, no runny nose, nothing.  Just incoming teeth and a newfound appreciation for sleep.  And crankiness out her ears. 

So part of me is a bit concerned, but she seems to be coming out of the cranky, so I'm not worrying too much.  I'm getting sleep!  Woot!  Now if Shaun would get better and stop tossing and turning, I'd be set. 

Anyone else experience this?

Anyway, I've been taking pictures and have a few stories to post, so hopefully nap time will offer me some time to do that.  For now, off to the library and out to enjoy the SUN!


  1. Drew did a lot of sleeping + sleeping about 12 hours a night. He didn't have the crankiness but he did lose his appetite.

  2. I would love to go out and enjoy the sun if only I didn't have a HUGE project to work on over break that SOMEBODY assigned. -.-

    ~ Amanda

  3. My kids both did the long sleeping thing (combined with voracious eating) off and on with growth spurts. Maybe she's getting ready to bust into the 12-18 month wardrobe?

  4. i'm glad you're feeling better - makes it so hard to deal when you're sick. :(

    if i had two teeth about to poke through my gums, i'd probably want to sleep 12+ hours too. but seriously, just keep your eye on her - i know you will. :) you're a good mama.


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