Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll Let Her Slide This Time

At rest time yesterday, Bean was so quiet that I was sure she was taking a nap.  Slowly, I cracked the door open to peek into her room and caught sight of a very perky little girl, decked out in a Minnie Mouse dress, (complete with seperate crinoline).  She was sitting up in bed and as soon as she heard me open the door, she stage whispered, "Oh Mommy!  I don't think today is a good nap day.  Let's play!"

With the weather being a lovely 68 degrees and C being fast asleep, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some Mommy-Bean time and head outside.  

Fully decked out in Minnie gear, of course. 

 Welcome, Spring :)


  1. Love it! She is so awesome

  2. I love her saying that she doesn't think she should take a nap! Harumph! 3 year olds! Naptime isn't for you! It's for us, mommies! ;)

    Glad you had a lovely time with her! She is a perfect Minnie!

  3. So glad you're getting use out of the Minnie Dress! I'm excited for all of the doors that are (literally) opened to us moms of preschoolers now that it's warm enough to go outside!!!!

  4. adorable. I found you thru twitter..sewing. Hope ya find that sewing machine which you want.


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