Sunday, November 30, 2008

I took a bit of a break from posting this weekend for a variety of reasons.

Currently, I'm feeling quite unsettled by the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the fact that I live in a country where people are so obsessed with stuff that they're willing to trample a man to death to get the items they're coveting.

I know there are good things going on out there in the world, no matter how small.  I'm just having trouble seeing them...

Tell me a story, will you?   Tell me something good.

And perhaps by tomorrow, I'll be back to my good old quirky posting self. 


  1. I know what you mean, that stuff is so discouraging.My goal for the day will be to find a good positive story to share with you:).You are awesome girl.

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  3. (sorry about the deleted post - I had a link that didn't work)

    I'm with you Jen. I've been having trouble dealing with all the bad stuff lately as well - it seems that it's just EVERYWHERE.

    Although, here's some fun news I heard about on the radio this morning -

  4. Lauren,
    That is a really encouraging story. It made me tear up. It is so cool to see that people actually do have a heart.
    Josh, Mik, and I also watched Extreme Home Makeover last night which is also an encouraging show in spite of everything else.
    I will also be looking for other encouraging things. I don't tend to watch the news or read it very often because of the horrible things you hear. Why the news thinks it better to focus on the bad than to highlight the good, I don't understand. (because I know their is GOOD and GOD out there.) Love ya Jen

  5. Jen, the Cedar Hill high school coach is a friend of Brad and Donelle's and a couple weeks ago they were playing some school and beating them by a pretty good margin. Well, the ref came over to Coach Joey McGuire and said that the other school has a special needs boy on their team and they were going to put him in and would his team not be too hard on him. Well, Joey asked the ref if he thought the kid would like to score......and he did!! And the entire stadium went wild. There are still good people out there! Love, Jois

  6. I have a list of about 7 non-profit organizations that are saved on my computer. What is awesome is that the things they are doing are not just a single event but things that keep happening over and over. Here are some of them.

  7. here's a cool website called "happy news" i liked this story.

  8. I'm teaching Preschool now, and when I asked my kids what they thought was inside a pumpkin they said:

    "A bigger pumpkin!"

  9. So... I promised Hannah an ice cream cone if she would just pee in the cup at the doctor's office. Not only did she pee in the cup, she ate her entire ice cream cone - in the car - without dripping - and then bragged to everyone at home about how she peed in a cup.

    My baby's growin' up *sniff*.


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