Monday, December 1, 2008

C: 7 Months

Hey Sweet Baby,

Happy 7 months and a day!  This has been quite a month for you.  You're hitting milestones left and right. 

This month you learned to clap your hands and grin whenever someone says "YAY!"  Generally speaking, you do this after you're done being fed or when I come and get you in the middle of the night or when you see one of us coming around the corner or... ok, you do it all the time.   And you know it's cute.

You also sprouted your first tooth yesterday.  I'm going to miss you gummy grin more than you can possibly imagine, but I do have to say, a grin with those two bottom teeth is pretty much the next best thing.

This month also marked the occasion of your first word.  You now reach your arms to me when you're upset and say "Mama! MAAA MAA!"  You only do it when you're looking for me or at me.  And as soon as I pick you up, it becomes a quiet "Mamamama" as you either rest your head on my shoulder or burrow your face in my neck. 

It's my favorite thing EVER.  I'm not sure how much trouble you'll be able to get out of by doing that as you get older, but if I were you, I wouldn't stop trying.

You're slowly progressing towards a crawl.  I really thought you'd be everywhere by now.  And when you're rolling around, you are.  But it's nothing compared to a solid crawl.  You can get on your hands and knees, but more often than not, you push yourself backwards.  I would think this would be frustrating.  But you take it in stride, collapse on your belly, and proceed to roll to your destination.  Single minded, you are. 

You went to the doctors at the end of last month and we found something startling.  You went from being a chunk monster to a peanut.  90th percentile for weight straight down to the 30th.  Way to freak me out, kiddo.  I've been trying to pack you full every chance I get, though you're not much on bottles or food.  You like a good cheerio, but that's about it in the solid food realm.  We're working on it.  For now, it's plenty of nursing, plenty of the time.

No one has been sleeping very much around here, mostly due to colds and nightmares.  So we've had our moments (looong moments) snuggling in the deep shadows of the night.  Ever so slowly, you're starting to learn to put yourself back to sleep when you wake up in the night.  Some days, I get out of bed and come to your bedside, only to see you curled up on your stomach, fast asleep. 

I covet a full night's sleep...   But one day, I know that I will look back on those soft encounters in the dark hours of the evening and wish them back.  So for now, I'll hold you close as you settle in against my chest and fall asleep to the rhythm of my heart.  I'll gather you near to me and breath in your soft baby breath.  I'll kiss your cheeks as I settle you back in your warm crib.  And we'll both be content for awhile.

Love always,



  1. She is the most adorable baby...Love Jan

  2. When I was little my mom stitched a little sign for our wall that said:

    Cooking and cleaning can wait til tomorrow,
    For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.
    So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep!

    I've reminded myself of that 100 times since Hope was born, and this post reminds me too :)

  3. I know I see you guys all the time, but when I saw C at Elaina's party I thought, "When did she grow up?!" She is SO big! And really cute!!

  4. Aww... You are so adorable C! Way to melt your mamma with the snuggles.

  5. AH, such a sweet post and pictures! ~julie

  6. Jen, she's so beautiful! I love all of those pics... someday when she's grown, she will love to look back and see these posts!

  7. i <3 C. you make some beautiful babies, jen. ;)


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