Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite Bean

Some Beanisms from today:

"Mom!!  If you look through the scarf like this, it's like Oggle Goggles!"  (This makes me laugh EVERY TIME she says it.)

"Mom?  Mom?  MOM?  MOOOM?  MOMMY!"

"Huh?  What?  What do you need kiddo?"  (I was dozing off in a chair)

"Can you turn that light on?  Please?"

"Mmmph, um, not right now..."  I tried to close my eyes again.  She got really close to my face and said,

"Oh but you're a really nice lady!  And nice ladies help people."

Yep, she guilted me right into that one.

"Mom...  I have a question.  How... how do we talk with words?"

Sheesh, that was a doozy.  Then, a minute later,

"How does the weather change into other weathers?"

Looks like we need to start showing her the amazing attributes of Google.  :)


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