Thursday, December 4, 2008


Took Miss C to the doctors today for a weight check today and found that she had gained a few ounces, but no more.  She's now officially a peanut.  A small, cute peanut with lots of smiles.  20th percentile.  But the doctor isn't worried.  In any case, we're going back for another weight check at 8 months.  So long as she continues to increase instead of plateauing, we're in good shape.  A good small shape.


Speaking of today's doctor's trip, I totally ran late and didn't get to eat breakfast so afterwards, I stopped at the bagel place and picked up a bagel.  After a second of thought, I decided that I would be ever so nice and pick up a bagel for my bagel loving daughter to share with her daddy.

Best of intentions.

But the drive!  It's so LONG!

Yeah, by the time I got home, both bagels were happily residing in my belly.

I just can't help myself.


Bean has an interesting taste on Christmas as of today.  When asked what she wants, she now says "NOTHING."

She saw a bunch of things on the dining room table that came in the mail and asked what they were.  I said, "Christmas presents".  Shaun asked Bean what he should get her for a Christmas present and she said,

"Nothing!  I don't LIKE Christmas presents!"

She means it.

But weirdly, she has very sweet ideas of what to give everyone else.  C is getting a bagel because C loves bagels.  (That's true).

Not sure where this all came from, but it's pretty funny.  I don't think she'll object to opening some packages on Christmas morning, but we'll see.  :)


I got to take a two hour nap today while my girls slept for 2.5 hours each at the same time.

I felt like super mom.

Or really, after the nap, I didn't feel dead tired, which was pretty super. 


Best part of being used to waking up every few hours?  A nap doesn't result in that awful post nap hangover grogginess anymore.  It's just par for the course.


  1. 20th percentile is small, but not too crazy small. I have a friend who's daughter fell off of the scale. She's happy and healthy in every other way, just a skinny girl.

    Bagel shop bagels are not for taking home, they're for eating! Grocery store bagels are for sharing. :o)

    I can only pull off a couple of naps a year because I always get the groggy nap hangover. Not fun.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Jen, I told you I thought she was tiny. She's happy, healthy and a real cutie. Give her hugs and kisses for me. ~julie

  3. Glad that she is gaining and that is so cute that she is tiny. My son was born 3 weeks early and weighted 5lbs 10ozs. He was in the 20th percentile when he was 6 months and now at almost 4 he is right there with the average of his age group. I hope she contiues to grow.


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