Saturday, December 6, 2008


Bean's been chock full of hilarious sayings in the last few days.  And then there are those things that always make me smile when she says them, like,

"Mommy, YES I MEM!"  (Yes I am)


"Forseys are my favorite animal!  (She is fully able to say horsey, but is convinced that horses are forces).

Yesterday, we were loading up in the car after a birthday party for her friend Caroline.  She got some Goldfish in her party bag (the crackers, not real ones).  I accidentally spilled them on the ground and she burst into tears, telling me indignantly,

"Mommy, spilling Goldfish makes me CRY!"

I asked her what else makes her cry and she thought for a minute, listed a couple of things and ended with this,

"And BAD zebras!"  Because we all know how cranky those bad zebras get.

And then, last night at dinner, we were chatting it up with her and Shaun asked what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Without a bit of hesitation, she shouted,


Hey, at least she has a goal.

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