Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Card Rejects: Episode 5

 "MOOOM!  She's PATTING ME!"  


  1. I love those sweaters! "I'm the little sister" - so quality :)

  2. oh, that is hilarious! The first one reminds me of me and my sister. She does not love to be touched so whenever I wanted (ok, I still do it) to bug her, I would sit there and softly pat her leg or or arm. It would drive her batty.

  3. You asked the other day for people to share stories about wonderful things going on in the world. Well, I participated in something this weekend that was so precious. There is this organization that this weekend got about 300 impoverished kids and bused them all to Walmart (in coach buses at that), paired each kid with a volunteer/chaperon (that's where I come in)and let them go on a $60 shopping spree for Christmas... so they could have a Christmas. If you could have seen the smiles on those kids faces. Those are probably the only toys that they will get all year.

  4. this is funny and reminds me of my own children


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