Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey Blogger!

Two things that I think would be pretty darn sweet to the blogger populace:

1.  Number the comments.  Oh holy moly, (moley?)  (what does that mean, anyway?)  (Any relation to that song that goes "Mooley mooley, mooley mooley, mooley mooley!"  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?)   Someone find me a way to number comments in blogger so that I don't have to count for giveaways.  Generally, I'm not popular enough to have to count to any number higher than 20, but that cloth diaper giveaway that I'm doing?  It's got more comments than I have fingers or toes, so we might have some difficulties.

2.  If people chose to use word verification, make the things that the rest of us need to type funny...  words like "oompa" or "chimichanga" or "smoosh" are lovely choices.  I think that'd make a sometimes frustrating task ever so much more fun.

Just my thoughts.  Carry on.  :)


  1. I had to type caress on Holly's blog yesterday. It made me giggle.

  2. I ditto #1 ...SO frustrating!

    #2 - I usually try to actually say the word I'm having to type...atleast makes my 20 month old laugh, lol ;-)

    I will keep checking back to see if you find a way to number comments!! :)


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