Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Enjoy a little preview of the smallest chicken in our roost.

Who you callin' chicken?
Uh, Mom?  I'm not so sure about this pokey green stuff.
I'm not so sure about this costume either, but I don't think I get a choice...
Well, it seems to make you smile, so that works for me.  This time.  Dress me up like something silly again and I'll.. I'll... I'll think of something.
(Would you believe I didn't get a single picture of Bean in her costume? Don't worry, I'm dressing them both up again for some more pictures... hence this little preview :)


  1. Absolutely adorable...that face is so precious!

  2. Awesome!

    Maybe we could dress Hannah up as a farmer and put all the kids in their chicken costumes?

  3. So adorable! That is the most adorable face I've seen. Now you must post a picture of Bean! ~julie

  4. That's incredibly cute! She's so happy... or confused!


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