Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Card Rejects - Episode 1

We're attempting to get the oh so elusive Christmas card picture.  I figure that we'll post some of the rejects up for awhile, at least until Christmas when I'll post the real thing.

And at the rate we're going, I might be able to do one a day.

Somebody has a case of the Mondays.  (And it wasn't even Monday)


  1. dear heavens. i guess i should begin to think about christmas card pictures... yikes! :) we gave up on including the dogs. ok back to "the santa clause". we miss you guys!

  2. Kids and pictures... never quite what you plan, but sometimes better!

    Some people take individual pictures of their kids and do a collage. I imagine if I had a lot of kids (like 5 or something), I'd be taking that route.

    We don't do Christmas cards... is that bad?

  3. I think this one is perfect! :o)

    Christy - I wish we didn't do Christmas cards - but at least we're down to cards from letters. I always hated that process. Every year they are the same. "Anny still... Rob still... yada yada yada." But we have to fret over it for a month. (Though this year the letter would include "Anny achieved her National Board Certification!!)

    Abby refused to play along the other night when I tried to get a good Christmas shot. I think we're putting decorations up next weekend. That should bring her up to speed to cooperate.

  4. The problem with take a photo with more than one child in it is they hardly ever smile at the same time. It’s still a cute photo even if Bean doesn’t look too impressed, I wish you luck on your perfect Christmas cade photo quest. I look forward to see more rejects.

  5. Bean's look is similar to the one at Caroline's birthday party last year. LOL! Too cute. C is absolutely darling...Cut and Paste...Love ya, Jan

  6. OMG, Jen!! I have seen that look on Bean's face on YOUR FACE!! I love it. ;)


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