Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You'd Think They Were Sisters or Something

They're certainly their own people and look a bit different, but it seems as C gets older, she's resembling Bean a bit more.  Matchy matchy, HERE I COME!

(Hey, roll your eyes if you will, but I've been looking forward to occassionally dressing my kids alike since I was about SEVEN.  So there).  (And yes, I know I can dress them alike even if they don't match, but it's all that much more fun).  (And yes, I will go all sorts of preppy one of these days and monogram something for each of them).  (Imagine what I would have done with twins?!  That's would be after I had to collect my exploded brain from the craziness).  (That's a lot of parenthetical phrases.  Hm). 

Anyway, later this week, I'm going to try posting some baby pics as requested (hi Genelle!!) and you can be the judge of who looks like who.  (Kudos to The Accidental Traveler for the idea as well).

But for now?  Check these out:

I'm sure you can tell who is who... but what's your opinion?  Look alike?  Not so much?  Are they even related?  
Survey says..... ? 


  1. You can match them all you want...but please don't do what I saw at a wedding once...a mom and her 2 girls all matched...which kind of cheesy but whatever. Except they were ALL wearing WINNIE THE POOH DRESSES!!!!

  2. Yay! Can't wait. Thanks for the promise of entertainment to come!

  3. i've been thinking for a while that they looked a lot a like. :)

  4. I've been thinking that for a while now, too! I know I've never gotten to meet C in person, but from the pictures you've posted she sure does look just like her super cute big sister :)

  5. Every year my mom used to make my sister (who is 4 years older) & I matching dresses that we'd wear on Christmas. They would be the same material, but in different colors. I think this went on til I was about 8 or so :)

  6. Just a little alike. Bean is top and C on bottom. I can't wait to buy them matching outfits. Girls clothes are soooo much cuter.


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