Monday, November 3, 2008

November in Black and White

My dear friend Maya from Springtree Road is hosting a photography project this month on her blog.

(Can't get link to work under button... help?)

For the entire month of November, she's shooting solely in black and white.  I plan to participate, though I'm cheating a bit.  I will be doing a lot more in the realm of black and white photography, but I do plan to do a few things in color as well.  In any case, I'll be posting my paltry attempts at good B&W photography here on this blog.  If I don't?  Bug me.  I will.  

In any case, visit Maya's blog and check out the project or just check out her blog.  Her pictures will knock your socks off.  And she's pretty awesome too :)


  1. That's a cool idea. I take lots of picture in color and pull the color out afterwards. I've also been doing a lot of selective color recently, which is fun. I look forward to seeing your November pictures!


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