Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WFMW: Top Six Toddler Snacks

OK, I'm into the lists lately, it seems.  Anyway, I find that we've been in a rut at times looking for new snack foods for Bean (2) to eat that aren't total junk.  Especially since she asks me 11 million times a day for a snack:  ("Mommy, I'm hungry."  "Mommy, can I have a treat?"  "Mommy, I'm really, really hungry."  "Mommy, I think my tummy wants a snack."  "Mommy?  Do you think it's time for dinner?  I DO!"  "Mommy, I'm in my seat!  Where's da food?"  Etc., etc., etc.).

Here's our top six list:

1.  "Peas and Beans" - Bean likes beans.  But her absolute favorite are frozen soybeans. Couple them with frozen peas and she's happy forever.  Being veggies, they're chock full of good stuff.  And sometimes, if she's feeling nice, she'll share a pea or two with her little sister.

2.  Red Pepper Sticks - Not ever kid will like these, but I have found that once they get past the unfamiliar texture and look, most kids love 'em.  Red peppers are naturally sweet and juicy.  If your kid won't go for eating them plain, dress them up with hummus.

3.  Cheese Sticks - Bean likes her cut into circles.  Our friends like them in string form.  I like them in my belly.  Calcium and protein keep us all on the sane side when we're feeling a little run down from the activities of the day.  Bean is actually involved with a love hate relationship with cheese sticks.  But when she's on a hate kick, I get 'em so I'm not complaining :)

4.  Homemade Popsicles - I was really tired of throwing away fruit when it started to get mushy and I vowed to find a solution.  So, this summer I bought a popsicle mold and some plain yogurt.  Regularly, I'll pop some yogurt and whatever fruit is starting to reach its end into the blender and pour it into the molds.  It's healthy, has no added sugar, and kids are getting their calcium, protein, and vitamins.  (This could be a post on it's own, I think).   If you kid balks at the taste of plain yogurt, add some honey for a bit of sweetness to cut the flavor.

5.  Toddler Trail Mix - This one isn't quite as healthy, but it's not bad.  When we're on the go and I know she's going to have some stroller time to deal with, I pack a bag of this.  What's in it?  Well, whatever's in my cabinet, really...  More often than not, it's cereal (cheerios, chex, etc.), pretzels, goldfish (or cheddar bunnies), a graham cracker, raisins (and other dried fruit), nuts (raw almonds, peanuts), and if Daddy packs it, he'll occassionally toss a few chocolate chips or a couple of M&M's in the mix.  She likes when Daddy packs it.  :)

6.  Foamed Milk - Not really a snack, per say, but it holds off the "I'M SO HUNGRY" for awhile.   Lexi likes when I put milk in the Magic Bullet and use the whipping blade until it's foamy.  I add a dash of vanilla and some cinnamon and it's like a treat.

Those work for me!  For more Work For Me Wednesday Tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer


  1. You should add the Diva's link for Toddler Trail Mix!

    Nice list. I need to get back into making popsicles. Think they'd eat frozen bananas as a substitute?

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Sorry you had to set up a site. I thought I had it set so you could leave a comment w/o signing up, but maybe not. Xanga isn't the most user-friendly in that way. It was pretty much all I knew when I started blogging and now it's hard to change. I also blog at www.csmuckerphotography.wordpress.com


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