Friday, November 21, 2008

Lesson Learned

I learned something today.  (I know, wonders never cease!)

No matter how big or independant your child is, pack a change of clothes to keep in the car for them.

Those of you out there who have had kids vomit, pee, or otherwise soil themselves while in their only outfit on the way to grandmom's house (a three hour drive, of course), are nodding your heads. 

I brought the remainder of Bean's chocolate milk into the car today to keep her occupied while I fed C.  She's capable of handling that on her own, generally. 

Today?  Today she dumped half of the container down her front.  And promptly screamed bloody murder about being cold. 

(Little did she know, she was about to experience cold... and that wasn't it). 

Anyway, we weren't even remotely close to home, and despite looking like I have a toy store in my back seat, there were absolutely no items of clothing aside from a puffy purple coat. 

Let the kid sit there soaked in milk?   She wasn't about to have that. 

So I hauled her out of her seat and stripped the wet clothes off in the parking lot.  She shivered until I stuffed her in the coat and buckled her in.  And then she cracked up.  Novelty of having nothing but a coat and shoes on?  High. 

But then I got home and looked back at her.  She was conked completely out.  So I had to figure out whether I wanted to take her Purpleness and deposit her in her bed in the coat or attempt to wrangle clothing on her, possibly disrupting her nap, (which would be BAD). 

In the end, I ended up getting some clothes on her and she went back to sleep. 

But not before asking me if she could wear the purple coat and her shoes to play tomorrow.  "And nuffin else!"  

I've joked about not letting my teenagers out of the house in anything less than a parka, but I assumed that they would be wearing pants, too. 

This could get ugly. 


  1. You are completely right about the change of clothes - even as an older kid, I had accidents a few times. A memorable one is when I was running around in a parking lot and fell and scraped up my knees pretty bad. It would have been nice to have some clean pants to put on instead of sitting in the torn & bloody ones for another hour.

  2. You forgot the part about how it was SNOWING!

    That's my favorite part of the story.


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