Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Don't Procrastinate, I Just Ignore Things

I told myself that today I was going to ban myself from blogging and stay home with the girls in order to get a million things done.

Lofty goal, right?

OK, I told myself that I needed to get something done.  Singular.

Which I did!

Actually, I've been pretty productive.  Taking my friend Jo's advice, I started off doing one thing. 

I got out of bed.

And it made me feel pretty good, so I thought I might attempt a few other things that needed doing.

So far?

Loaded and ran the dishwasher
Sorted and started laundry
Fed the children AND the dogs (I know, right?  I'm on a roll!)
Put laundry away
Cleaned out the soccer bag (And that, my friends, is a day long task in toxic waste management when it comes to Shaun's socks)
Organized toys
Started a fire (Um, in the wood-burning stove, not with my cooking)
Briefly contemplated what to make for dinner
Stared at the fire for awhile

(Yes, this is where things start going down hill, I know)

Ate a brownie
Ate another brownie, because I don't want the pan to go to waste, of course.
Added a log to the fire.
Admired my fire handiwork

And then?  The culmination of my (in)activity?  I sat down right here to write this entry.

Because I am the master of all things productive.  Obviously.


  1. You are one funny gal! Thanks for the laugh and for visiting my blog!

  2. that sounds like my day. except we don't have any brownies. :(

  3. You've been more productive before lunch at home than I typically am in an entire day at work! Good for you!

  4. sounds pretty productive to me! and that fire sounds mighty nice...

  5. I too decided I needed to get something(s) done today. Too bad I needed to go grocery shopping...

    That fire is sounding really nice right now... a cup of hot cocoa will have to do.

  6. talked to me briefly today...and bring that fire to the church...I'm FREEZING sitting here wearing my fleece and wishing for gloves!

    But that is a pretty productive day! :)

  7. and now you should have another brownie, I think, to celebrate completing another task. ;)

    your day sounds productive to me!

  8. Hey you got more done today than i could even dream about. Today has been a lazy day fo rme and my kids so kudos to you for what you got done.

  9. Your post was cracking me up. Don’t talk to me about organising toys; Ignorance is bliss when it comes to that subject.

  10. This made me laugh. Oh how I can relate! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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