Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday School Conversations

Today, I picked Bean up from her Sunday school class and asked what she had talked about. 

She said, "I played with the kitchen and the dolly and the shopping cart oh and there was food and I colored and then we had a snack and it was yummy and I ate it all and I had my own cup and Hannah was there and it was the LITTLE POTTY class!"

Right-o.  (I kid you not, she does NOT breathe when she's talking sometimes). 

Anyway, when I finally remembered that the lesson was "God made ____", I asked her about it. 

"Hey Bean, who made the sun?"

"GOD!"  She looked mighty pleased with herself. 

I was impressed that she retained the lesson and proceeded to ask her about a few other things like the birds, trees, strawberries, doggies, etc.  Same answer, each time.

Then I asked her a new one,

"Bean, who made the lasagna?"

"God, Mommy, God did!"

Oh man, if only. 

Then I'd have dinner taken care of for eternity.


  1. Godly Lasagna... YUM! Would it be like the languages in Babylon - it tastes different to each person? I wans some of that!

    (Oh yeah, glad to hear she's learning in Sunday School! Right now we're talking politics in our adult Sunday School and Abby is hanging out in the nursery.)

  2. if God were to make lasagna for me, i would ask that He not include the calories.


  3. God-made-calorie-less lasagna... that would be the BEST!!

  4. speaking of God-food, when my mom was a kid she didn't want to get saved because she was afraid if she went to heaven she'd have to eat milk and honey mixed together and that sounded gross...that cracks me up every time I think of it...


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