Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad Mom Confessions - Part 1

Sometimes I tell Bean that things are too spicy even when they're not just so I won't have to share.

Bad Mom Rating: ?

1 - Bad? Of course not.
2. Not so bad, but a little onery.
3. Bad. Get lectured.
4. Badder than simple bad. Timeout corner.
5. BAD MOMMY. Totally grounded.

Weigh in, folks.


  1. depends on what it is ... though of course when she figures it out, she might think you're lying about other things too.

    i combat by just buying twice as much as i want, then she gets some and i get extra.


  2. I would say...#2.

    I mean, Moms are always having to share...so keeping a little yourself every now and then doesn't hurt. Although I agree with Maya, one day she will figure it out...then what? :)

  3. I'd have to give you a 2. Not so bad but Maya is right, it does defeat the whole don't-lie-to-your-kid thing.

    My solution? Eat it quick before they realize it's not actually spicy.

  4. Oh no. I'm gonna give the kid a complex.

    Well, at least the episodes are few and far between.

    Hey, when she gets to where she tries it, perhaps we'll celebrate because it won't be too spicy anymore!

    If anything, maybe I should do what Maya suggested. Then, if she doesn't want any... more for me! :)

  5. Did you take out your word-verification?!?! Did you know I'm posting about that tomorrow and how much I HATE it?!?!

    Thank you my friend. Thank. You.

  6. I give you a 2! Because it will encourage her to try to like spicy food. You are doing here a FAVOR by trying to enhance her palate!

  7. I agree with AmyB - plus you can make a big deal when she sneaks one from you about how brave she is to try such a spicy food.

    BTW - what was the food in question? If it's ice cream my vote might be different...

  8. I would like to steal a favorite quote of mine from Friends- "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" I've watched your child at a meal and she has plenty of choices and more than enough to fill her belly. (In a good way- you're not overfeeding her in an unhealthy way or something.) So anyway, you work hard and you deserve a good meal! She can get her own when she's older.

    **Note: This came from the childless friend so I didn't feel that I had to give good Mommy advice. My mother was 1 of 11 so in my house we quickly learned not to eat her food since she was trained not to share after being given such small portions as a child. I've never held her lack of food sharing against me. I also LOVE food so I can understand why someone wouldn't want to share. I sometimes tell my husband he won't like something so I don't have to share. Am I a bad wife?.... no response needed on that one :-)

  9. I give you a 2...its not horrible...but I agree wit the lying thing.

    At the same time...sometimes you just want to enjoy your food...and no one else! :)


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