Friday, September 26, 2008

Depends on How You Look at It.

A rare Mama-Baby pic... please pay no attention to how much I look like a doofus.   
Hello from Fogville, where normal thoughts and postings can not be guaranteed because the author of this blog is walking around in a slight sleep deprivation fog. 

Yeah, C's not the best sleeper.  I think I've finally resigned myself to that. 

However, I've been doing the best that I can to try to keep perspective on the whole thing.

For instance,

Situation:  This morning, in the wee hours that shouldn't really be called morning, C was up and squelching for someone to come see her.  After the previous 3 wakings, I decided to poke Shaun and see if he'd go.  After 15 minute trying to get her to settle down and go to sleep, I hear him come back into our room and before I knew what was going on, he handed the little purple fuzzy package to me so he could go to the bathroom.  I put her beside me where she popped her right hand in her mouth and started patting me on the face with her left hand.  Then she stuck a finger up my nose.  And grinned. 

Cons:  She was awake.  Again.  Enough said.

Pros:  She was possibly the cutest thing in the world next to me, grinning like a little imp.  I also received an impromptu nose cleaning.  And of course, it always makes my heart a little happier knowing that no matter what, I can be exactly what my little one needs to smile.  

See?  So long as I maintain perspective, I think I'll come out of this alright.

I just keep repeating that she won't be doing this when she gets to college, she won't be doing this when she gets to college. 

And that?  That's a happy thought and a sad one all at once. 


  1. she's a gerber baby! look at that chin!

  2. Oh she is so cute! And I am so fearful that I will be in the same situation in a few months!! Of course, Ashleigh has been doing a great job of making sure we're awake at least one night a week, I guess she's prepping us for the new baby! :-P I hope you get some sleep soon!! I think you can say with 100% certainty that by 3, she'll be sleeping just fine!

  3. I think the picture is cute of BOTH of you! I'm excited for lunch today!

  4. I think I left a comment, but I don't see it...

    The picture is wonderful. Hope the sling is working for everyone. (Remember, Shaun can wear it too!)

    Abby slept like crap until this week. Seriously. It is adorable when they're being cute in the wee hours, but only momentarily. If only they could read clocks on the day they are born instead of having to learn it later on!

  5. Not a doofus, a teenage mother maybe, but a cute teenage mother :)

    It gets better. I PROMISE!!!

  6. I love the picture.
    I totally believe that parenting is all about perspective. You are an awesome mom.


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