Sunday, September 14, 2008


What I intended to accomplish this weekend:

Steam clean carpets
Do laundry
Put laundry away
Organize playroom
Put unused toys away
Write up lesson plans
Grade papers
Clean out my car
Plan some sort of menu for the week
Make a grocery list
Reinstall Photoshop on my computer
Eat more vegetables
Drink nothing but water
Catch up on blog posts
Clean out refrigerator

What I actually accomplished as of the time of this post:

Steam cleaned carpets (oh my word, the grossness)
Snuggled with the baby
Did two loads of laundry
Played potato heads with Bean
Ate ice cream
Drank two sodas and a sweet tea
Watched Bring It On
Put one load of laundry away
Loaded dishwasher
Tickled baby until I got belly laughs
Pretended to be sick so Bean could "doctor" me
Fed the baby
Put baby down for a nap
Fed the baby
Put baby down for a nap again
Fed the baby (ad nauseum)
Looked at my school bag. 
Put school bag in closet
Pulled school bag out of closet
Put school bag in car.
Took school bag out of the car.
Let baby give me kisses (i.e. slobber all over me)
Updated my fantasy team
Watched football
Lamented the fact that my quarterback choice was AWFUL.
Cried over the fact that Peyton Manning seemed to have forgotten his Wheaties this morning.

Not a whole lot of overlap, but you know?  I'm kind of ok with that.


  1. Anny didn't get around to grading this weekend either. Now she's avoiding it by watching football, which she rarely does! Anything to not think about school tomorrow!!

  2. Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!

  3. You're hysterical. You provide a lot of the laughter in my world and I love you for it :-)


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