Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Cuteness of Self-Expression

The four of us each got some seriously awesome Little Mismatched socks from Shaun's parents.  (Thanks Meme and Pawpaw!) 

Bean has been wearing hers ever since.  In fact, she's been wearing a pair on her hands, too.

I can't get over how fun they are.  Better yet, they're high quality.  They stay up, they're thick, and they have grippers on the bottom.  I'd buy more in a heartbeat. 

Next up?  The four of us with our socks on, all lined up.  For now, I couldn't resist sharing their cuteness.


  1. UM. Soooo the OCD in me just had a minor melt down after looking at the Little Mismatched site. I understand the cuteness of having them mismatched, but WHY do they give you 3?! Why not 4!? How are you supposed to put them away in your drawer?! The world will end, Jen!

  2. Haha, I know. The 3 thing is the first thing I noticed... I have to say, the socks are cute enough that I don't mind. (Besides that, I just fold them to put them in the drawer)

    They don't want you to limit your creativity! Or something like that :)


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