Monday, September 1, 2008


Bean's been inventing some jokes lately.  Most of the time, they make absolutely no sense.  Which is what makes them delightfully funny to me. 

Bean:  Mommy!  MOMMY!  What is big and silly and pinkle?

Me:  Um, you?

Bean:  A SMAFFADOOBER!  *dissolves into giggles*

She makes me grin. She also makes me think of my favorite joke ever.  Check this out:

Person 1:  LOOK!  A matta baby is over your head!!

Person 2:  What's a matta baby?

Person 1:  Nothing, what's a matta with you?

Hahahaha...  I crack me up.


  1. Too cute!! Just wait until she starts with the knock knock jokes that make ABSOLUTELY no sense! Now I get -- knock knock mommy! and the punch line is usually something like a tree has to take you to the moon? And then the giggles start....I wish I could remember the simple joys of my toddlerhood! LOL

  2. Someone taught Christopher the knock-knock banana joke so now, eight or thirty two times a day I hear, "Knock knock, who's there? Banana!" until he FINALLY says, "orange you glad I didn't say banana!"


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