Friday, September 12, 2008

This One's for AmyB (No Tears This Time, I Promise)

I think I've remarked about how shocked I continually am that Bean is such a stinkin' girlie-girl.

For the record, I am not girlie.  I possess very little grace.  I can't walk in high heels.  I have a hard time accessorizing.  My attempts at ballet were laughable at best.  My favorite color is certainly not pink.

My oldest girl?  Oh man.

Think of the most pink, sparkle-laden princess that you can and you have Miss Bean.

Yeah, I don't know where she gets it from either.

Anyway, I've been wondering how different the girls are going to be from each other.  Is C going to be a bit of a tomboy like mom?  Or is she going to follow in her sister's footsteps?

Apparently, I don't have much of a choice, it seems...

Yes, that's drool...  apparently there's a bit of hope for me yet...
Or maybe not... pink and a crown...
But no one said she had to be a demure princess...  I think the tongue is a nice touch.

I just love that one. 
She cracks me up.  I love it.

Having girls is awesome... princess or tomboy.  And hey, why can't they be both?


  1. Oh my GOODNESS CRex has gotten to pretty!! She really is turning into a GIRL...a Girly Girl!! You are in trouuuubllleeeee.

  2. OMG! Can C-Rex get any cuter??? And with a princess for a big sister, she might not get much choice! :)


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