Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There's nothing like the sound of rain to make one completely relax. 

Unless you're cooped up with a toddler who has the energy of 12 sugared-up spider monkeys.

Then then sound of rain can make one quite insane.

Such was the story this morning as we realized our trip to the farm was going to be cancelled due to poor weather. 

But we improvised and had quite a lovely day anyway.

This morning, we gathered up the troops and went to a local bounce house to let Bean bounce away some of that energy.

She bounced enough to practically beg for a nap on the way home.  Music to my ears. 

Actually, both girls took deliciously long naps.  While they were sleeping, I managed to get a ton done which freed me up to play when they woke up. 

Both of them woke up in delightful moods and we had a good time puttering around the house. 

After I put C to bed, Bean and I decided to bake cookies.  Mmm.

Well, she made them, I watched and did the oven part. 

They were fabulous.

Bean didn't quite understand having to wait for the cookies to bake after we mixed the dough.

"Mommy, I would like my cookie now."

"Baby, they have to bake for a little bit"

"Ok." *2 second pause*  "Mommy, I want my cookie now, please."

And so on, and so on, and so on.

Anyway, she finally got her cookie, a bath, some bedtime stories, and some snuggles and is now fast asleep, probably dreaming of pink cupcakes as is her norm. 

I'm sitting here with the sound of rain floating through the window behind me.

And I'm completely content.


  1. v is the same way with the impatience about baking. :)

    she always says she's dreaming of pink bunnies!

  2. Love the pictures! I wish there was a "local bounce house" around here! Maybe I will look into that before next summer for our little one...

  3. I want a cookie. Now. Now. NOW!

  4. I'm just as impatient when I bake cookies...thats when I just eat the cookie dough instead! :)


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