Monday, September 29, 2008

When She's Thankful, She's THANKFUL!

Bean, at the dinner table the other day, burst into spontaneous prayer,

"Thank you awesome God awesome [what she calls God, presumably from singing "Awesome God" with Shaun] for the potatoes and for mommy and for the chick-a-lay, and thank you for boogers.  AMEN!"

 I clapped.  I couldn't help it!  That was pretty much the best example of "Give thanks for everything to God the Father" as I've ever heard.


  1. I think you read my mind. My blog is about the boys praying also. I love listening to all of the kids as they pray. Can you just imagine what the Sunday School teachers get.

  2. She's not a toddler anymore! Look at that beautiful preschooler/going on 30/little girl! Wow!! Gorgeous!

    What an "awesome" pray-er she is! I love that she knows of God and how to talk to Him!

  3. Chick-a-lay? I'm trying to figure it out ... is that chocolate?

  4. Too cute. I must say that in our house we're not all that thankful for boogers right now - Abby just figured out where her nose is...

  5. Great praying!!! I love it when the kids pray. We all should be so thankful. :)


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