Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hide and Seek, Toddler Style

When do kids go from "toddlers" to "preschoolers?"

Just wondering.

Anyway, today I played a little improv game of hide-and-seek with Bean.  At first, it totally involved the scare factor where I hid in random places, jumped out and scared her into giggles.  

Then I suggested that she hide and I would find her.

The first time she "hid", she stood upright behind our ottoman.  Which is a good foot and a half shorter than she is. 

Hmmm, ok.  Might want to try again.

I closed my eyes and told her to hide again. 

This time?  In the open corner.

I cracked up.

Funnier was how she stayed perfectly still with a look of breathless anticipation until Shaun and I looked at her and said, "WE FOUND YOU!"  Then she'd squeal in delight and run around the room.

Apparently, we have some work to do on the definition of "hide"


  1. Don't be too sad to give up the obvious hide. It's REALLY BAD when you can't find them.

  2. cute! we need to play that game.

    i think being a preschooler starts at age 3, before that, they're still a toddler.

  3. Abby is not good at hiding either, but loves to "seek" and chase. It's adorable. She'll find me (around a very close corner), shout and run the other way. It's great fun!

  4. I love when the boys and bean play and everytime they hide in the same spot and giggle just as hard as the first time they found the person.

  5. I have always heard that 3 is a pre-schooler. I refuse to think of Ash as being that old (c'mon, I still call her baby!). I am breaking the mold and saying pre-schooler starts at 4. ;-)

  6. Aww that makes my heart melt!!!!


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