Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Can't Breathe, I'm Laughing Too Hard

And you thought your church service was cheesy?  Check this out:

I am not 100% sure they're serious.  But oh man.  Stick with it until around 1:50 in...  the dance solo is way, way worth it.  Holy cow.

Still laughing.

(Hat tip to Days to Come for the link)


  1. It's almost like a spoof, like when TJ and Tim S. dressed as cheerleaders... but there's no laughing in the background. I was thinking that it could have been filmed at a dress rehearsal, but then the audience erupts at the end.

    Verdict? I think they're for real!

  2. oh jen. OH JEN.

    i just. there's nothing to say. this is ... something else.


  3. Now Jen- in all fairness maybe they're trying to connect and learn about God in their own way. Perhaps they're kinesthetic learners and need to be moving to really get the message of God's lesson. I think they should be praised for their creativity. I mean, when that guy did the moon walk and then the "I have to pee" dance, I really think he felt God's love.

    hehehehehe... I didn't believe a word of what I just said. Do you think if they had kids in the audience their kids were cheering them on or whispering to their friends that their parents were abducted by aliens and then sent back to earth??

  4. Yeah...there are no words for that...WOW. I totally think they should come to Fusion....LOL

  5. Umm... If you look at the original YouTube page you can link to another blog that has more videos of this group just like this. Very weird and a little... nope. Just weird. I'm all for being progressive, but this is just... weird.

  6. Oh. My. GOSH! I have no words . . . (and for those of you who know me, you know that just doesn't happen!)

  7. you read days to come?? i love days to come!! go jeana.


  9. expands my view of God because I bet he's not a snob (like me) and is willing to get glory from their well-intentioned though shockingly ridiculous is even better than I thought. Now I'm in shock that I actually had a deep thought after watching that...


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