Monday, July 27, 2009

Sometimes It Is All Rainbows

Two days ago, the girls and I perched on the couch and looked out of our picture window at some crazy rainstorms.  I spent half of the time pulling C out of the window sill and half of the time answering Bean's countless questions about where thunder came from.  Eventually, the girls lost interest in the drenching downpour and galloped off to find something new to get into entertain themselves.

I happened to glance up a few minutes later, surprised to see bright sunshine where just moments before there were pouring sheets of rain.  The rain had tapered off, but I was delighted to see this:

I called Bean and C back to the window and needless to say, Bean was enthralled.
"Mama?  Did God make that rainbow just for ME?!" 
He might have made the rainbow for her, but He made her for me. 


  1. Man! I bet if you'd have gone out there, you would have found the pot o' gold! The end of the rainbow was right there!!!

    (your last sentence was just so sweet my heart melted a little bit)

  2. Beautiful!!!

    Did you go did up the yard? i think i would have as i have never seen a rainbow so close and so seemingly at and ending point! Just stunning!

    My mom use to tell me when i was a kid that thunder was either a) God bowling with the angels or b) God fighting with the Devil. I think it depended on her mood but wither way i was never scared of thunder and it is something i have passed on to my kids.

  3. Jen, This is an amazing picture!!!!!!!God is truly awesome. You are an incredible Mom and don't you ever forget that. I think God made that rainbow just for you to remind you of just that. Bean has learned so much from you and appreciates every moment of life. You are the best!!!! Our grands are in good hands. Love, Katrina

  4. Woah!! I've never seen the end of a rainbow before!! Thats AWESOME! :)

  5. What a great picture. I love witnessing nature through my kids' eyes. They still think squirrels chasing each other are just the most riveting thing EVER. And now that I notice it, it kinda IS.

  6. Wow the end of a rainbow!!!! Did you dance in it?

  7. you rock Jen Jen the Magnificent.

  8. Awesome picture Jen! ~julie

  9. Your last line totally made me choke up! So sweet and so true.

    Ella has seen her first rainbows in the last couple weeks too and it's SO sweet to see awe inspired in them and to introduce them to something new and amazing. Being moms IS a gift!

  10. When I first moved into the house I lived now (my dream house and I mean that quite literally), I saw the same thing. A rainbow ended in my backyard.
    What a beautiful sign.


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