Monday, July 20, 2009

CSA - Week... Err.... I don't remember?

I think I skipped a week in there somewhere but I'm back!  This is a small sampling of this past Friday's take.  We got a few more apples than a share would provide (ok, a lot more), because he asked if we could give them away to others.  Missing from the picture are the bread, the tomatoes, the green peppers, and the cucumbers are mixed in with the squash and zucchini.

The cool little red balls above the shelf with the peaches, eggs, and stuff are plums.  Tiny little plums.  But man, they are TASTY.  I've never seen one that small.  I think they're Shaun's favorite fruit, so they're almost gone already. Perfect little snacks.

And no, my fridge is rarely that clean and neat.  Mmmm, nesting. 


  1. No joke nesting!!! And am I the only one that noticed that in this pic your fridge says PREGO! Too funny :)

  2. looks yummy!!!! Nesting is great! It is my only motivation to clean now a days!

  3. Do these photos make up for the fact that I've been living off of frozen burritos? (LOL) - BEAUTIFUL pictures!


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