Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Things

It's been a cranky few days around here for this pregnant woman.  I will not go as far as to say that I have been acting a trifle insane lately and if that wonderful guy that I share this house with dares to even mention that fact, things might get ugly.  Ahem.

Anyway, today's been a rather nice day.  And I haven't yelled at anyone.  So I figure it'd be nice to write down 10 things or so that I'm thankful for so that when I my head starts spinning around and I lose my cool a smidge (heh), I can remember what it's like to be at least partially sane. 

So here goes:

(And I make no promises about the introspection or deepness of this list...  None).

1. My laundry chute.  I love this little quirk of construction so much that when we started putting in the downstairs bathroom, I strongly requested that we construct some sort of cabinet to ensure that the beloved chute would stay.

2.  Rural surroundings.  We're not far from suburban life, but on our street, I can easily walk out into the front yard in my PJs and not see a soul drive up or down our road for the entire day.  Not that I'd ever walk out in my PJs.  Not me.

3.  Sesame Street.  Both of my kids love Sesame Street.  So much so that I can actually catnap while they watch and feel refreshed enough afterwards to function through until bedtime.  This will come in handy when the new little guy comes along.

4.  The internet. I feel connected to the outside world.  I think motherhood had to be a bit lonely and scary in the past.  Yes, I think it still can be, but it's nice to know that I can tap out a quick email to a friend or google something and touch the world outside of our house when I need a connection. 

5.  Our yard.  It's shady 80% of the day.  It's surrounded by trees.  It's fenced.  And my kids love, love, love being outside.  (And I love not having to chase them for being too close to the street).

6.  This bizarre MD summer.  For some weird reason, we've had the most humid-less summer I think I've ever experienced.  We're in mid-July and on most days, we can go out in the morning and it's almost chilly outside.  It's a good summer to be pregnant. 

7.  My pillows.  Amy gave me two pillows that are currently the love of my life at bedtime.  Love. Them.  Then there's the Temperpedic pillows.  And the two super soft feather pillows.  And the huggy pillow.  I sleep in a nest, not a bed. 

8.  Special K.  It's the best cereal in the world.  Special K with fresh strawberries and whole milk = Mommy's little miracle breakfast. 

9.  The rare times in my day when I can pee in peace.  Pottying in peace is highly underrated.  You think it's funny to pee with the door open when you're in college.  Then you have kids and you wonder whether it's too much to have the designers of Fort Knox craft a door for you so that you may handle your business alone.  In private.   

10.  That 10 spaces weren't nearly enough for all the awesomeness I've got going on in life.  I need to remember that when I'm feeling less than awesome. 

Happy Monday, friends.  What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for your blog, that's for sure. You really brighten up my day with every post, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. I hope you realize that you're loved, even from far away! :)

  2. Great list Jen and I'm so glad you were able to get the time to create it for our enjoyment and your peace of mind :-) This crazy time will pass! When I have my insane moments I remind myself how quickly the stage of having young kids will pass and I'll be so lonely for the noise and interruptions that currently drive me crazy. Ok...gotta stop, making myself cry. Love ya.

  3. i am definitely thankful for you, dear jen!

    i'm thankful for chocolate almond milk today. it is creamy and chocolatey and completely yummy!

    think i'll go have some now...

  4. I am with you an the bathroom issues!!!! My husband goes in a locks the door but doesn't understand that as MOM i don't have that luxury.

    I am glad you found a happy spot and i hope it reminds you on the crazy days!

  5. We live in a rural area too...and the way our property is laid out, you can't really see us from the road or the adjacent property. My husband may or may not wander the yard in his skivvies. And he may or may not be proud and boast that he can water his garden in his underwear.


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