Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Bean's been up to her usual hilarity lately.  Here's a few of her latest funnies:

Bean:  "You're nice, but my other Mommy is my favorite."

Me:  "Your other Mommy?"

Bean:  "Yeah! She has curly hair and she's tall!  And... and... she's from Texas!" 

Me: "Oh!  What's her name?"

Bean:  "Shoomaroofua"

(I think I'm pretty safe as favorite Mommy as I've yet to spot Ms. Shoomaroofua around the house).

Me:  "Hey Beanie Bean, what do you think you want to be when you grow up?"

Bean:  "Ummm... maybe a doctor!  Or a cooker!  Or an aminal doctor... or...  a mermaid!!"

My sister, Bean and I were playing in her kitchen area in our family room.  Bean was assigning roles, as is her first-born tendancy to do. 

Bean:  "You're the mommy, I'm the sweetheart, and you're the fetch!"

Me:  "The fetch?"

Bean:  "Yeah!  The fetch!"

Me:  "What's a fetch?"

*Total exasperated sigh from the preschooler*

Bean:  "A FETCH, mommy.  You fetch the food for me so I can eat it.  A fetch!"

She cracks me up.  Love that kid.


  1. Hilarious Jen!!! I love to see how the minds of 3 year olds work!

  2. I TOTALLY need to get me a fetch!

  3. Love her creativity! so awesome!

  4. What a little sweetheart. Soon she'll realize that being a "fetch" is what kids are best at!

  5. I think a fetch sounds really good. Can I have one of those.

  6. A fetch...that is hilarious! Glad you still rank # 1 on the mommy list but how nice would it be if Shoomaroofua would come do the dishes and the laundry!


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