Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So She Has a Hint of Mischeif, Too

Yesterday, I was trying to get dinner ready for the girls and they were VERY ready to eat.

Note:  VERY ready to eat = cranky, squirrelly, prone to fighting and LOUD

So, to stave off the inevitable pull of toddlers underfoot, I put a movie on and left them to their own devices. 

Oh, another side note:  C loves, loves, loves climbing into boxes, baskets, bins...  any form of storage, no matter what size.  The only problem that tends to arise is when wants out, because while she can get in, she has a hard time escaping.  (This totally works to my advantage sometimes). 

Anyway, the girls were occupied watching a quality episode of Word World, and I had almost finished making the three of us dinner. 

Oh right, one more side note:  Bean likes to push C around when she's in a bin or basket.  C loves it and Bean thinks it's hilarious to have control.

So dinner was about to be on the table and I heard C start to squeal.  Then she stopped.  When I heard her again, she sounded she was far away.  Curious, I walked into the living room.  I could still hear C, but hadn't the foggiest as to where she was.  Bean was quietly watching the end of her show.

"Um, Bean?  Where's C?"

Bean turned towards me with a smile on her face that I could only describe as mildly diabolical and said, "I took her for a ride... and left her back in the other room.  She was LOUD."

For all the times that poor Bean gets picked on by C, I think Bean doled out the payback. 


  1. That is hillarius! I think we both will have to keep an extra eye on our babies to be lol! I am sure my boys will have a few tricks up their sleeves for their new baby brother!

  2. Jen this cracks me up! It was a laugh out loud moment. People at work look at me funny. Bean is so smart! ~julie


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