Friday, July 10, 2009

C-Rex - A Very Belated 14 Month Update

Oy, sorry there C-Monkey...  time got away from me this month.  Perhaps it's because I've been chasing you all across the ever living earth, trying to keep you out of too much trouble. 

I had mentioned a few months ago that I was excited for you to start walking.  After all, I had said, it'd slow you down for awhile.  That was true.  You were slow for about 11 minutes and then you cranked on the hyper speed and haven't slowed down since. 

Add to that a healthy dose of your father's mischievous streak and I've got my hands full.  Regularly, you will venture off of the deck in the backyard and make a bee line for whatever happens to catch your interest.  This happens in the course of .3 seconds.  One minute you're happily playing in the sand table with Bean, and the next, you're across the yard trying to eat rocks.  Or chalk.

You're an odd duck of a kid, probably as a result of having me as a mother.  (After all, no one claims I'm normal).  Lately, your favorite thing to do around the house is to place a purple plastic bucket over your head and walk around.  You can't see a darn thing so it inevitably ends up with you walking into a wall or a cabinet.  You sit down with a bump, take the bucket off, and say, "ow, OW!" over and over until I say, "C, you ok?"  Then you'll nod, stand up, replace the bucket, and take off again.  Yeah, I have no idea.  But it cracks me up.

You sleep through the night.  YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT WITHOUT WAKING UNTIL A NORMAL HOUR HITS.   It took a long, long time and I definitely don't for a minute regret giving you what you needed to make that happen.  But eegads, girl, I'm glad we've finally made it.  (Although your timing is a little rough... I'm now having to get up to pee every three hours... *sigh*)

You're as much a talker as your sister and just recently, you've been able to imitate most words that I say.  Your current favorites are "ow," "down," "up," "ew," "woof," "cheese," and "eeeeeeeee!"  OK, that last one isn't a word, but you certainly resort to that one often when you can't get words out that I understand. 

"Cheese" is my favorite.  It's not in the context of food, but rather it's accompanied by a large, toothy grin that I find totally irresistible.  Bean loves it too.  When she wants to get you giggling, she'll "cheese" back and forth with you until you're both cracking up.

You love being outside, eating fruit, dancing with your sister, pretending to bite our toes, and being snuggled when you're sad.  You hate food with weird textures, being told no, wearing clothes, being restrained when you want to be on the move, going to bed when you think there's a party going on, and having people in your way.

You're quite the little ball of hilarious, sweet, and mercurial sunshine.  As one of my favorite books says, "I love your top side and your bottom side.  I love your inside and your outside.  I love your good side and your bad side.  I love your laughter and tears.  From the top of your head, to the tip of your toes, I love you more than you know."



  1. So she's okay with the grass now? That's great news!

    Love all of the updating and the pictures. "I Love You Through and Through" got us through the first six months of being parents.

  2. Love the bucket pic!

  3. She is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Happy 14 Months C!

  4. Your kids are going to be so thankful for these sweet monthly love letters. I, however, wish you'd stop writing them so I could stop getting teared up when I read them! love ya girl.


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