Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I Learn in the Course of an Average Day

Every day comes chock full of lessons, no?

Here's what I learned yesterday:

1.  Never underestimate the power of chocolate cake.

2.  Is is not only possible, but probable that I am going to get spit up on at least 4 times a day.  Three of these times will be after I changed clothes.

3.  Having a dance party with a toddler is infinitely more fun than a dance party anywhere else.

4.  When I toss my hands up and refuse to change my shirt after being spit up on, I will get peed on for emphasis.

5.  I am sheerly amazed at how quickly I can fall asleep any time that I am still for more than 11 seconds at a time.

6.  More shocking is the ability to snooze while my 3 year old is "brushing" my hair and serving  lunch on my face. 

7.  The same kid who can sleep through an earthquake at times will instantly wake up if you blink too loudly.

8.  Hearing my 3 year old tell me stories are the best parts of the day.

9. Well, aside from first thing in the morning.  At that point I walk into C's room and she acts like she can't be more excited to see me.  And when I go into Bean's room to ask how she slept, she always says, "Just wonderful!  And beautiful!"  That'll start your day off well.

10.  We are entering into the squabbles stage of sibling-hood.  I never knew how fast a dilapidated dinosaur could turn to what must be candy or sprinkles or something equally coveted.  Because that's what it must be for my 3 year old to be willing to throw her entire body on top of it to prevent C from taking it for her own gummy pleasure.

11.  Home is my absolute favorite place in the world to be. 

12.  C has sonar that senses exactly when I drop off into that weird place between sleeping and being awake.  She'll wake from her own nap and call out at that exact moment every day.

13.  My job is hard.  It's exhausting.  It's dirty.  It can be mundane.  It's generally the same every day.  There's rarely a sick day or a personal day.  It sometimes gets frustrating.  The results are long term, most of the time.  It's positively not glamorous.  It smells weird.  And even though I dream of sipping tropical drinks while being fanned by a large palm frond in my seat on the balmy beach of Tahiti, I wouldn't trade it.  Cliche?  Perhaps.  But absolutely the truth.

(I wouldn't mind that chair by the beach for a few days, mind you :)


  1. You're awesome Jen-you have a lot of wisdom about really valuing this time of life that I think most people only have in hindsight. Thanks for pointing out all the little things you and I both have to be thankful for in raising our little ones!

  2. You make me absolutely thrilled to be a mom someday :)


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