Wednesday, February 18, 2009

C vs. Spaghetti Squash

The other day we had spaghetti squash for lunch and I assumed that C wouldn't really be able to handle it well enough to eat it.

Apparently, she thought otherwise and squealed and wiggled and fussed in her seat until I tossed some onto her tray.

The girl tore it up. 

 She alternated between trying to cram it into her mouth as fast as she could and trying to figure out why it was stuck all over her.

And of course I took pictures.  Apparently, lots of parents take pictures of their kids' first experiences with spaghetti.  We didn't have spaghetti, but these pictures get the same feel, I think.

She cracks me up.


  1. So Cute!!! One of my all time favorite pics of O is him with spaghetti on his face :)

  2. Spaghetti squash. Mmmmmmm. I haven't made that in a while.

    And, she's cute :)

  3. she takes after her mother.

    (haha, ok, meanest thing I've ever said. totally kidding, honest :)

  4. Oh, speaking of food, check out my blog to win some banana nut cheerios! (can I just say YUM!)

  5. You absolutely can see from the photos that she was loving, studying and mesmerized by the food! Great shots. she is adorable! Jan

  6. Okay . . . "tossed some onto her tray" What is she, a seal????? :) Love it!


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