Saturday, February 21, 2009

LiveBlogging 10 Minutes of My Life

Shaun and the girls are on the floor putting together a potato head family.  Rather, Shaun is helping Bean put them together, and gently redirecting C when she gets too close to the "family"

The "Mom" potato falls over and Bean threatens to burst into tears.  We right the falling potato and all is right in the universe.

Then C gets stealthy, goes around Shaun's back and attacks the "Bean" potato.  Under her attack, "Bean-Potato" loses an arm. 

Bean flips out, dives over Shaun and snatches the arm back from a very confused C.

C's confusion turns quickly to rightous indignation and she starts screeching. 

Bean is still distraught over the loss of the arm and is shedding a lone tear.

Shaun notices C's nose is running and asks Bean for some toilet paper to wipe her nose.  (We're out of tissues). 

Bean goes into the bathroom and comes back with half of a roll.  Unraveled.  We now have enough to wipe the noses of a kindergarten class for the entire day. 

Bean commendeers the bathroom, determined to go by herself in order to get a highly coveted jelly bean.  Whenever Shaun would open the door to check on her, she'd screech, "NO!!!  DON'T COME IN HERE!" 

C took the opportunity to destroy the potato family and gnaw on the pieces. 

Chaos erupts and culminates with Bean trying to poke C in the head with a plastic baton.

All in a day's work.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...I love your posts! That sounds about right though :)

  2. I can totally picture every second of this and it sounds a lot like my life (if you replace the 2nd kid with a dog). Hahaha-it's good to know times like that are normal (or we're both weird)!

  3. Is this what I have to look forward to? Hysterical. - Jan


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